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Association of Adult Education Institutions in the Slovak Republic

The Association of Adult Education Institutions (AIVD) is non-governmental, apolitical, non-profit, voluntary organisation established in 1991 with the registered office in Bratislava, Slovakia. We associate more than 100 members (2018) - NGOs, public and private institutions. As an umbrella organization, AIVD is the coordinator of Lifelong Learning Week in Slovakia. AIVD is part of regional, national networks and international networks, such as the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) since 2008 and European Basic Skills Network (EBSN) since 2017. In Slovakia, the association is represented in the Sectoral Alliance for Education, Science and Sport, the Accreditation Board for Further Education of the Ministry of Education, and a number of other boards and committees. The focus of AIVD national and international projects is the improvement of the conditions of adult education in Slovakia, exchange of experience and establishment of partnerships.
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Contact: prezident@aivd.sk

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