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Everygirl Everywhere


Everygirl Everywhere

women’s participation in the digital sector,IT&C workforce, digital entrepreneurship, innovation



Romania’s IT workforce is 27.2% women – that’s the 2nd highest in the EU, and above the 16.1 % average. The goal of Smart Everything Everywhere, a key European supporter and facilitator for the digital sector in Romania and the initator of the Everygirl Everywhere umbrella project is to reach 35% by 2021 and gender parity by 2030 in digital sector and enreprenuership.
Their objectives are promoting digital skills for women while challenging stereotypes, growing the IT industry and IT workforce, and building up Romania’s leverage within the E.U. by exporting sustainable and replicable good practices in closing the gender gap in the digital sector
According to the project initiator, gender diversity is important for some serious reasons: higher returns (gender diverse tech firms have a 5.4% higher return on average), a higher level of gender equality improves productivity, innovation, problem solving and risk management. Moreover, beyond the moral obligation of including women into the career of the future, a diverse design team is able to create products to fit a wider audience.
Among Smart Everything Everywhere’s most successful activities:
The Everygirl Alliance – a national alliance encompassing multiple stakeholders aiming to close the gender gap in the ICT sector.
Meetups and events – with the role of inspiring, connecting and training women
Workshops and trainings – applied support with differnet tools and skills for the members of their community
Talent identification – identifying and connecting members with career opportunities
Hackathons and industry challenges – women centered events, where the members can gain recognition, experience and even funding for their ideas.



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