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WOMEN POWER CODE - Empowering women to acquire digital


WOMEN POWER CODE - Empowering women to acquire digital

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WOMEN POWER CODE is a three-year project targeting adult women who want new challenges and seek to acquire digital skills, literacy and numeracy. Studies on women active in Information Technology (IT) unveil that higher number of women who take up a digital career would benefit the digital industry, women themselves and Europe's economy. A change in policy is needed, particularly due to an alarming drop in female ICT graduates and the limited presence of women in the STEM area (science, technology, engineering and math) reflecting thus the gender gap acknowledged in the ICT sector.The main aims of the WOMEN POWER CODE project are: to empower adult women who don’t have native digital skills and need to acquire them to enter the labour market and stimulate the new generation of young girls who have native digital skills empowering them to enter the STEM area.
Target Group: WOMEN POWER CODE is a 36-month project targeting adult women (over 40) who wants new challenges and want to acquire digital skills, literacy and numeracy; women who want to understand and learn code writing to improve their everyday life through the use of Internet.
Tools and Sevices: The project has been developed because of the lack of female graduates in ICT/STEM across the whole of Europe, as well as a lack of women in ICT/STEM jobs. Therefore the project will create a program to define, elaborate, evaluate and advance the programming skills of adult women, thus promoting their participation in the STEM / ICT sector; the program consists in the diffusion of the key concepts of INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) and the elaboration of training materials(e.g. texts, video tutorials and videogames) in a social learning environment that improves the training and acquisition of knowledge. The final steps of the project are: the elaboration of Training Manual with 6 modules for a new specialization in the IT field for women (regarding the 3D printers, its pratical application and the Internet of Things),the creation of a WOMAN POWER CODE VIDEO GAME for adult woman to play and learn and the creation a SOCIAL LEARNING COMMUNITY which allows women to discuss and share mutual interests and to share solutions regarding common issues.
Transfer value/good ideas for AXESS: The WOMEN POWER CODE project proposes an innovative and open practices in digital age. It stress the importance of IT education for women, in order to boost the economy and reduce the gender gap in this area. By using new and friendly techonologies and trainig methods, it pursues the goal of empowering adult women through thecreation of an integrated educational framework forhelp them acquire and advance their skills and increasing their participation in the STEM area. The concept of empowerment is extremely important: the aim is not just the transfer of know-how, but rather to develop skills that have to be permanent and long-lasting.



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