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Union of Mother Centres

The mission of Union of Mother Centres is to achieve respect and recognition of motherhood in the society and help to create supportive conditions for motherhood in the best interest of a child, a mother and a family.

The Union of Mother Centres (UMC) is non-govermental non-profit organization and acts as an umbrella and networking organization for all mother/family centres in Slovakia. The highest body of UMC is General assembly created by member mother centres (MCs, at the moment 54 MCs and 14 friendly MCs). General assembly gathers once a year. A Supervisory board is elected by General assembly members.

UMC members
Any civic association or non-profit organization could become a member of UMC as long as it agrees with ethical code and fullfils all criteria to gain a membership. UMC welcomes new members.

• Spreading of the MC/FC concept, helping to create friendly environment for mothers and children at the local level. Within MCs, mothers can learn, possibly get new qualification, or acquire new skills and so define their own social value clearly

• Creates a functioning network, consulting members; coordination of joint activities; providing trainings for MCs; helping and supporting new MCs, provides long term sustainability

• Communication with Slovak government, private sector, NGOs, media representatives in Slovakia and abroad, this way UMC builds a respect and credit to MC/FC network as a partner to society-wide discussions and solutions for mothers

• Helps to protect rights of mothers, children and families in Slovakia by offering counselling, lobbing, publishing, informational and educational activities and providing helpline for domestic violence victims especially women, organizes social and cultural events, public gatherings to promote „Better world around us which is in close connection with Mums, kids and families."

We would like to invite you to Slovakia-wide event A mile for Mum, which will take place in many Slovak cities and villages on Saturaday 12th May 2018.

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