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AINova (Academia Istropolitana Nova) is the coordinator of AXESS. It is an NGO based in Svätý Jur, a small town close to the capital city of Bratislava. It is an institute of adult education, active since 1996.
It offers specialised training courses and consultancy, and takes part in applied research projects. The institution organises both short-term and long-term training programmes for participants from public and private sectors, and groups of professionals. Since its establishment, AINova has fostered an international dimension through networking in international projects (LLP-Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, Erasmus+), by development of cross-border cooperation (Ukraine, Austria) and by offering experience and expertise abroad (Moldova, Balkan countries, mainly through the Slovak Development Aid projects).

Its areas of interest are:
i. European affairs & policies

ii. Conservation, development and valorisation of cultural heritage

iii. Local and regional development, sustainable development

iv. Development of social, civic and cultural competences in the context of lifelong learnning

v. Strategic participative planning & project management

Within the area of European Affairs and policies, the recent research interests and training activities cover especially the following topics: adult learning policies, key competences in adult education, SDGs / sustainability issues, on-line educational resources, project design and management.

AINova is a founding member of the NISPAcee (Network of Public Administration Institutions in Central and Eastern Europe), it is an observer in the Platform of Non-governmental Development Organisations in Slovakia, since 2010 is a member of the Association of Adult Education Institutions in Slovakia and the European GINCO Network.

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Contact: es@ainova.sk

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